Our vetting process

Here at Modshare we don’t just allow any type of file. We take pride in what we to be listed on our site. That’s why we created our own vetting process any file that gets published on modshare.io.

How the vetting process works

The vetting we do is a 3 step process someone from our team (probably David Andrews) go through to make sure every file is safe to use.

#1: Malware Analysis

Malware analysis of the file. And when we say analysis, we mean ANALYSIS. Our team members go deep to find any hidden or obfuscated code in the files.

#2: Test on Virtual Machine

We’ll test each and every file on a Virtual Machine (sometimes multiple with different operative systems). This is done in order to check the file during runtime; what it does, and why.

#3: Verified Creator/Author

We always make sure to have software, tools and other files that are made by verified and trusted creators. This means we’ll vet and each and every author or creator. This means things such as;

  • How long has the creator been around?
  • Has the creator made any other software or tools?
  • What do people say about the creator?

And much more.