Made by: Alexander Blade
Downloads: 841,035
Game: GTA V
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About Script Hook V

  • Script Hook V is a library that allows you to use scripts and mods while playing Grand Theft Auto V
  • Free to download and use
  • No risk of Rockstar bans
  • Last updated 6 days ago


Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, avid gamers and modders have been hard at work creating mods for the game. One of the most popular mods is Script Hook V, which allows players to add custom scripts to the game. Script Hook V is a library that allows you to use Lua scripts in your Grand Theft Auto games. It was created by Alexander Blade, who also created Script Hook DLL for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

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How to use Script Hook V:

Script Hook V is a library that allows you to use scripts written in other languages in GTA V. It is a mod that must be installed on your computer in order to use it. The installation process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once it is installed, you can start using scripts in GTA V.

The following is instructions on how to install Script Hook V created by Alexander Blade:

  1. Download Script Hook V from our website
  2. Extract the files to your desktop
  3. Install Script Hook V and follow the steps
  4. Open up the folder and copy the “ScriptHookV.dll” file
  5. Go to your Grand Theft Auto V directory
  6. Paste in the “ScriptHookV.dll” file
  7. Start GTA V and press F7 on your keyboard to open the menu

Technical Info

  • Title: Script Hook V
  • Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11
  • Language: English
  • Available languages: English
  • License: Free
  • Last update: 6 days ago
  • Type: GTA 5 Mod, GTA 5 Tool
  • Author: Alexander Blade


What’s new in the latest update

  • Added InteriorProxy (which native functions for interior support), AnimatedBuilding, Building, and InteriorInstance.
  • Also added the following properties and methods for InteriorProxy, AnimatedBuilding, Building, and InteriorInstance to World class.
  • Added Entity.FragmentGroupCount, Entity.IsFragmentObject, Entity.DetachFragmentPart(), EntityBone.FragmentGroupIndex, World.EntityColliderCount, and Entity.EntityColliderCapacity
  • Added Ped.SeeingRange, Ped.HearingRange, Ped.VisualFieldMinAngle, Ped.VisualFieldMaxAngle, Ped.VisualFieldMinElevationAngle, Ped.VisualFieldMaxElevationAngle, Ped.VisualFieldPeripheralRange, and Ped.VisualFieldCenterAngle
  • Added Ped.CauseOfDeath, Ped.TimeOfDeath, Ped.ClearKillerRecord(), Ped.ClearCauseOfDeathRecord(), and Ped.ClearTimeOfDeathRecord()
  • Added the getter of Ped.FiringPattern
  • Added Game.FindPattern()
  • Added Quaternion.LookRotation()
  • Added new peds, vehicles, weapons, weapon components, radio station, blip sprites, and explosion type to PedHash, VehicleHash, WeaponHash, WeaponComponentHash, RadioStation, BlipSprite, and ExplosionType enums
  • Added the documentation note for the incorrectly named parameter offset to Entity.ApplyForce() and Entity.ApplyForceRelative()
  • Added the documentation note for the non-working parameter isAmmoLoaded to WeaponCollection.Give()


  • Fixed Stop() method of helper classes of Euphoria not working
  • Fixed Start() method of helper classes of Euphoria not working properly when peds are ragdolled. Now the method can apply simultaneously just like in v2.10.10 or earlier versions.
  • Also made the Start() method working when peds are ragdolled but not by SET_PED_TO_RAGDOLL, which does not work in v2.10.10 or earlier versions.
  • Fixed Vehicle.PassengerCount not counting as intended in v1.0.2545.0 (or later versions) due to addition to parameters and implementation changes
  • Fixed WeaponCollection.Give() not selecting the weapon if equipNow is set to true and the ped did not have the weapon
  • Fixed cursor of console not moving properly when pasting clipboard content
  • Fixed not showing dll names referencing version-less SHVDN in console
  • Made WeaponCollection.Give() select the weapon only if equipNow is set to true when the ped had the weapon


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