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Made by: Pro Swapper
Downloads: 53,096
Game: Fortnite

About Pro Swapper

  • Lets you change skins in Fortnite
  • Free to use
  • Last updated 6 days ago


In the popular video game Fortnite, one of the many things you can do to change up your look is to change your skin. There are many different skins to choose from, and you can even buy some of them. Some people have spent a lot of money on skins, and others have collected them over time.

The new Fortnite skin changer “Pro Swapper” is a great way to change your skins in the game for free. With Pro Swapper, you can now change your character’s appearance to any of the other skins in the game. To use the Pro Swapper, go to the main menu and select “Change Appearance.” You can then choose from any of the available skins.

How to use Pro Swapper

  1. Download the file
  2. Start the “Pro Swapper” file
  3. Start Fortnite
  4. Press F11 to open Pro Swapper in Fortnite
  5. Enable/disable the mods and features you want